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Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass
Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass Praveen - Vocals Maynard - Drums Avneet - Guitars 
Name: Maynard Grant

12th. September, 1968

Sun sign: Libra

Day time Occupation:
Professional Drummer/Tutor

Role in the Band:
Drums & Percussions

When did you start Playing/Singing:
When I was 5

Did you take classes? Learnt From my dad & bros (All seasoned Drummers)

What other Instruments do you play?


When & How did you Form or Join LBG:
Joined in 2005, but later found out they were looking for me earlier

Was LBG your first Band?
Nope... have been playing with many bands over the years. Namely Juravi, Molotov Cocktail & tons of commercial bands

Name five things no one knows about you:
1) I’m a father of two,
2) Sometimes Forgetful,
3) very down to earth
4) 8th grade Drummer
5) can play over a 1000 songs

What's your Favourite LBG Song:
Soma & Love song

If you had to describe your self as an Animal what would you be?
An Octupus

Most memorable moment with LBG:
Every show

Craziest Moment with LBG:
After parties!!

Most Embarrassing Fuck up at a show:
Playing Super Cat at triple the speed!!

Where do you see or hope for LBG to be in 10 years:
Doing well

Ultimate Dream: Originality

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