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Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass Praveen - Vocals Maynard - Drums Avneet - Guitars 
Name: Avneet Janakiram

21st January 1979

Sun sign: Aquarius

Day time Occupation:
COO of a Communications Company

Role in the Band:
Play Guitar and Part Time Band Administrator

When did you start Playing/Singing:
When I was 15

Did you take classes?

What other Instruments do you play?

Air Drums, Air Bass and Mute Vocals also specialized in Keyboard miming

When & How did you Form or Join LBG: 1997

Was LBG your first Band?
No, our School band was called “ ViperSting” (the metal days)

When and why do you believe in playing only Originals: Cos it’s the only thing worth doing

When the First recoding you did was: 1999 The Blue Butterfly Express

Name five things no one knows about you: Whats the fun in telling. Find out

What's your Favourite LBG Song: Lov em all

Who are your Inspirations in Life & Music respectively: My Family and past experiences

If you had to describe your self as an Animal what would you be?
The Abominable Snow Man

Most memorable moment with LBG:
Being Nominated for the Best Indian Album of the Year By RSJ

Craziest Moment with LBG: Catching a train, plane, or Automobile for ANY Out of Town Gig with the Band (Ex: Plane waiting on the tarmac in Delhi to take off and LBG is still leisurely checking in!)

Most Embarrassing Fuck up at a show:
Wouldn’t you like to know!

Where do you see or hope for LBG to be in 10 years:
Everywhere and Everything

A Real Band

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