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Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass Praveen - Vocals Maynard - Drums Avneet - Guitars 

Aum Janakiram

28th June 1983

Sun sign:

Day time Occupation: Interactive Media – Head

Role in the Band:
Guitarist/Backing Vox

When did you start Playing/Singing?
1996..Started seriously in 2001

Did you take classes?
Nope..Self thought..learnt from my bros and all the guitar gurus that i had the privielge of jamming with...Warren, Christy, Vishy to name a few

What other Instruments do you play?
Apart from guitar & bass i’ve  learnt a little drums & keys

When & How did you Form or Join LBG?
Joined in 2001 after the band finnaly decided i’m upto the band standards

Was LBG your first Band?
Nope...had a band called Nurve when i was 12 (1998)...Formed a band called No Idea in 2001 which still’s kicking (I think)

When and why do you believe in playing only Originals?
Ever since i started composing in 1997 and did my first ever studio recording, i knew i wanted to be a muscian who gets appreciated for my own efforts and not replicating others.

When the First recoding you did was?
1998 with Nurve...we did a 3 song Demo at Picture Productions...Was the proudest moment of my life!! Sniff Sniff Although everyone else it sounded like shit (which it did) but did’n let that dampen my spirits

Name five things no one knows about you:
1) I’m very shy when sober :)
2) I never clean my strings after a show
3) I’m a perfectionist in my head
4) Always believe in the greater cause of things
5) Never back down from a good challenge

What's your Favourite LBG Song?
They’re all my babies

Who are your Inspirations in Life & Music respectively?
My Mom & God

If you had to describe your self as an Animal what would you be?
A Big Snake

Most memorable moment with LBG?
Release of the wallet (2004)

Craziest Moment with LBG?
Going through 50 Fosters  at  the end the show (That’s all i remember about it)

Most Embarrassing Fuck up at a show?
Headbanging my eyes into a SM57 mic (ouch!) after that it was pretty much “fuck up” all the way :)

Where do you see or hope for LBG to be in 10 years?
In a big mansion filled with beautiful women and a state – of the art studio on the top floor with 3 platinum records

Ultimate Dream?
to attain the highest level of Nirvana permenantly

Your Favourite Quote?
Rock on!!

An ongoing chapter of Life

One thing that you feel set's LBG Apart from the rest?
Our Drive

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