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Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass Praveen - Vocals Maynard - Drums Avneet - GuitarsĀ 
Arjun Janakiram

2nd July 1979

Sun sign:

Day time Occupation:
Creative Director

Role in the Band:
Bass player, songwriter,cook

When did you start Playing/Singing:
14 Years

Did you take classes? Some, mostly from friends, fellow musicians and God

What other Instruments do you play?
Keyboards, Guitar and the Fool

When & How did you Form or Join LBG: 1997

Was LBG your first Band? What is this LBG?

When and why do you believe in playing only Originals:
He who screams the loudest is heard sometimes ignored but never forgotten?

When the First recoding you did was:
When I was fourteen with my brother and couple of friends in school

Name five things no one knows about you:
1. I am an enviro-freak
2. I have a heart of gold
3. I am tone deaf
4. I am really shy
5. I am not listening to you

What's your Favourite LBG Song:
Hard to say.

Who are your Inspirations in Life & Music respectively:
My mother & granny
Robbie Williams

If you had to describe your self as an Animal what would you be?
The werewolf

Most memorable moment with LBG:
I can't remember.

Craziest Moment with LBG:
Every moment

Most Embarrassing Fuck up at a show:
Getting too drunk and then breaking a string on the guitar and not having a back up guitar. We had to cut the show short.

Where do you see or hope for LBG to be in 10 years:
be the change you want to see.

Ultimate Dream:
Peace of mind

Your Favourite Quote:
You live only when you do what you want to.

What does LITTLE BABOOSKA'S GRIND MEAN to you?? Everything.

What Does it signify?:
Signifies what it does.

One thing that you feel set's LBG Apart from the rest:
We are the first.

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