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Dec 31st,
BELLA CIAO 2008 Chennai

Dec 13th,
Radio Interview with Chennai Live 104.8 FM

LBG's Arjun & Praveen talk to adithya from Chennai Live 104.8 FM on the edition of "Live @ 5". An interestingly funny show talking about the history, funny moments & future plans. Check out the Rapid fire round where the guys are put on the spot :)

Listen to Radio Interview with Chennai Live 104.8 FM
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Oct 26th,

Speed, Grand Orient Hotel, Chennai

Oct 25th,
Live & Unedited recording of the Alliance Francaise show
A performance as part of a series of shows by Eddie of Exodus who is promoting Chennai bands immensely. Kudos Eddie \m/. The opening band was "Touch Wood", four piece jazz rock band that were relativity young. search on to listen to them. Crowd was pretty sparse mainly due to non - publicity but that didn stop LBG from putting on a good show.

Listen to the whole show live & unedited from an MP3 player. LBG have started this initiative as a way to analyze the show to make it better & record the new material from Triplicane to review. Broken Toys & Tricky Place are some of the new tunes. So keep checkin in to listen to all our shows and maybe some jam recordings.

Listen to Live recording of the Alliance Francaise show
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Some Highlights to Listen for:

1) Praveen calling Broken Toys "Breathe" ;D
2) New version of Scarawag
3) Drum Tech Niel Smith's celebrates his B'day playing 2 no.s (Money & Breathe)
4) Djembe percussionist Mr. Mouli joins in for 2 songs ( Sweet Chinna Lady, Everybody wants to)
5) Broken Toys & Tricky Place from LBG's upcoming album "Triplicane" rough tracks
6) Maynard singing backing for "Breathe"

June 21st,

Fete de la Musique 2008, Alliance Francaise, Chennai

June 17th,
Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

June 12th,
Live @ Distil, Taj Conemara, Chennai

May 23rd,
RSJ Pubrock Fest, Geoffrey's, Radha Park Inn Chennai

May 15th,
LBG's 3rd Release to be titled " TRIPLI ^ CANE "

LBG have finally chosen a name for the third Album
TRIPLICANE or is it TRIPLICAINE or with a K (still needs to be finalized)

Triplicane is a place in Chennai which would probably be known to most chennaiites as a crowded congested area with wall to wall dirty buildings, heavy traffic, small lanes & screaming street vendors at every corner...hmmm y name an album after a place like that?? well the band wants to go 'LOCAL' this time giving people they're take on Triplicane showing that there's alot more than meets the Eye.

Step into Triplicane by foot or cycle rickshaw and you'll probably find anything you need(as long as you search) "you can get anything there...from 'ICE HOUSE' to the cigarette shops to the tricky lanes with kebbas shops to the most beautiful women (trust me they're just don see them... and we're not talking about hookers) The place is such a world in itself that you wont find anywhere else unless you really take the time notice & look." says Arjun.

"That's the whole concept ..Sometimes when you really want something, it just might be under your own nose... it's up to you when your going to do something about it" says Praveen

No news on when the release might be yet...but the band has decided to acquire some new gear from the Line 6 POD Series as well as a Yamaha Electronic kit to start mock recordings.

"We dont want to rush into it this time... we're going to be setting up a studio/Practice room at our place and start recording each session to listen to it and make it sound better... We're also to doing a series of surveys to see which song people like from everyone who matter ranging from our fans to and fellow musicians... I dont think anytime before mid 2009 - says Avneet

So there you have it....Mid 2009...It might take a while to hear it on CD, but the band has started performing 4 - 5 of them to the public audience and has been receiving a positive response. "Tricky Place", "Monster", "Mr. Bill Sticker will be Prosecuted", "Broken Toys" and Maynard's favorite "Love Song" are some of the songs being performed to fans & friends.

Feb 23rd,
East Winds Festival, New Delhi, NSIC Grounds

February 8th,
LBG to Play @ the East Wind Festival, 2008

Delhi to host India’s largest music festival – ‘The Eastwind Music Festival’

Over 60 bands performing over three days
Largest festival to promote contemporary original music
Parikrama, Thermal And A Quarter & Them Clones amongst performing bands

New Delhi: Delhi is all set to host India’s largest music festival, Eastwind, from the 22nd to the 24th of February, 2008. The three-day festival that will be held at the NSIC grounds in Okhla will feature over 60 bands.

Eastwind is being organised by – Prospect Advisory and Management Pvt. Ltd. The idea behind the festival was to bring together musicians, music lovers and all industry related before.

East Winds Festival, New Delhi, NSIC Grounds, 22/02/08

Read more @. (or)

February 6th,
LBG’s First EP “Blue Butterfly Express” (1999)  Lost but Now Found

Blue Butterfly Express was one of LBG’s first attempt to put the music out, way back in 1999…. Although it was never officially announced or released at that time due to change of members (namely the vocalist). However, LBG did post the music up onto where “Lost in Space” (the bands only Instrumental till date) hit the “Top 50 Rock songs” Charts in 1999.

“…At a time when CD’s were expensive jewels and Studios were recording on A-DAT, No one really wanted to buy CD’s” – Says Avneet. So Only 10 CD’s & 30 Tape copies were made and given to close family and friends. All were thought lost until yesterday when Praveen who was cleaning up his closet found the last copy.

The EP was to showcase the music that was put together by Arjun & Avnith . The Vocalist at that time was “Reggie” Govindias & If you listen to the song “Doll” closely you’ll hear Praveen playing the flute in the background. Blue Butterfly Express was Arjun’s first go at the Microphone claiming Reggie couldn’t get the feel and “Election Song” & Doll were Reggie’s contribution to the E.P. House of cards & More than the Colour Green (Officially Released on the Wallet) were the two ballads that were included and were a big hit with the Ladies.


February 2nd
LBG's, Bad Children nominated for RSJ 2007 Readers Poll Awards for Best Album

LBG's Bad Children has been nominated for Best Indian Rock Album of the Year 2007 along with Pentagram, TAAQ, DREAM OUT Loud and BlackStratBlues
as a part of the RSJ 2007 Readers Poll Awards

Support the band by voting for them by picking up the form available in Jan issue of RSJ available @ Landmark as well as other book stores

Do pass the word around!!
LBG's Bad Children nominated for RSJ 2007 Readers Poll Awards for Best Album
(Click for Enlarged Image)    

January 21st,
Guitarist Avneet Celebrates his big 3 “O” Birthday!!

We Wish him another 30 to go and may he Rock till he drops!!

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