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December 12th

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

December 8th,
YAMAHA ROXX “Asian Beat”– “Search For Best Asian Rock (Amateur) Bands”

How it all Started
Yamaha Roxx puts a Color ad in ‘The Hindu’ back page (Ad cost 1 lakh) stating that their searching for the “Best ASIAN Rock Bands” which will be happening on the 8th of December at MCC visit for more details. Winner of South Zone goes to Delhi for Nationals and Nationals winner compete in Taiwan. It was a good opportunity to play at Delhi and MAYBE Taiwan. LBG wanders if it’s the semi pro competion but finds out from reliable source ( Cultural Sec.) that it’s the day before. So ok.. they visit the site to check the rules after hearing that well known bands from around the country are winning.

Rules (as per

1. The number of the group members must be maximum of 5 and of Indian Nationality. (Check)

2. There is no age limit for contestants. However, Parent’s consent is required for participant under the age of 16. (Check)

3. Band members must be the same throughout the Heats, Semi-Finals and Grand Finals. Any change of members during each stage of competition will disqualify the band from the whole competition. (Check)

4. Each person can participate in one group / band only (Check)

5. Every participant/band member must not have a contract with any recording company between the period of registration for the national competition and the Asia Grand Finals. (Check )

6. All bands are required to perform one original composition and cover version during Heats. Original composition is required during Semi Finals. (Check Didn’t play covers but said “F@ck it.. we’ll jam”)

7. Bands are required to perform 2 songs: 1 original composition and 1 cover version during the Grand Finals, Cover version songs played in the heats must be different during Grand Finals (OK )

8. Bands are required to submit the song record for Heats upon registration. (OK )

9. Each song must not exceed five minutes (Check )

10. The performing bands have to reach the venue sharp 3 hours prior to the event starts.2 Hours prior to the event the registration will be closed at the venue. (OK – band is scheduled to be there by 10:30 a.m)

11. The All India Award Winner will represent India for the Asia Grand Finals in Taiwan will have to use only Yamaha instruments on stage. The song played in the National finals must be the same during Asia Grand Finals. The local organizers will brief the winning band later of additional rules and regulations on the Asia Grand Finals. (WOW)


All Good!! LBG decides to compete in “SEARCH FOR BEST ASIAN ROCK BANDS” and go ahead and register, but unfortunately Maynard (Drummer) was going for a Show to Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar) the previous day and wasn’t going to Play… so what then… what else?? “PLAN B” Avnith picks up the phone and calls Rakesh “White” Khanna of Jipmer 2001, Pondicherry, Best Drummer fame, to Jam with the band on Saturday with the Promise that he would play for all gigs if they won. He agrees, LBG practices with Rakesh (who was quite good) for 2 days and heads for the venue on Saturday. As soon as they arrive by Train from Guindy to Tambaram(MCC) in the hot sun everyone were wondering Y LBG had come to compete. LBG were still unaware of the shock they were about to get. Apparently they clubbed the “MCC” Western Electric Semi Pro of “Deep Woods 2007 Culturals” with “Asian Beat 2007” and suddenly LBG were wondering what the Fu@k they were doing competing. Any NORMAL band would have said OK and gone back by train in the hot sun and continued with life… But then again these guys aren’t exactly NOrMal...Then they realized that their came to win and go to Delhi and MAYBE Taiwan. Anyways using the RULES & REGULATIONS as their defense LBG were allowed to compete thanks to the Yamaha “Cutie”. LBG were slotted to play last (10th), so they chilled out backstage listening to all upcoming talent. Some of the notable bands were Buzz Theory, Public Issue & Grey Shack.


Following the 9th Band LBG got on stage, Sound Check time started – the guys plugged in – made all eq adjustments – Sound Check time ended – Not wanting to waste time they went straight to the songs and every ones jaws dropped. Started of with the Tribute (Animals by NickelBack) which was tight like virgin pussy, considering Rakesh was a newbie he managed quite well. Next was “Super Cat” ending with a Bang!! . They were ready to get off stage since the planned set was done, but they still had another 5 more minutes. One of Avnith’s strings cut…so the back up guitar was brought to stage by Sahil Nagpal (Big Fan) and the Band chose Breathe Despite the overwhelming requests for “Money”


After waiting in Hot sun for about 20 mins for the judges to announce the results, Organisers come back stage to ask if they all had passports. That was usually a Good Sign!! Anyways… results are getting announced 2nd Place Public Issue and a Tie for 1st Place between LBG & Grey Shack…Ok first thought would be “One winner gets the cash Prize and the other goes to Delhi”. Eeehn!! Wrong!! MCC announces a special Applause for LBG for their fantastic performance but unfortunately the Judges thought that they were too “PRO” and gave “Grey Shack” the Cash and The Trip to Delhi!! WTF!! So the band without any face of aggression walked out cheerfully without any surprise. Speaking later to the Cult Sec. it was found out that Certain Senior Musicians namely Mr. Keith Peters (A.R Rahaman’s Bassist) felt that he decided to take a whiz when LBG got on stage and gave the band a whopping “0” in scores!! While the other 2 gave 9/10. So I guess this just comes to show that LBG U cant be BAD not TOO GOOD. Every band in India is encouraged by senior musicians to be just “AVERAGE”. Well there u have it… the full story of what really happened that day!!

November 1st
LBG featured in Score Magazine debut Issue

Score magazine reporter Danny catches up with LBG for a practice session @ Johnny’s to basically get the whole Low Down about their Music and the Indian Rock Scene!! Click to view PDF

Octobar 19th
OPUS, Bangalore

Octobar 18th
Amnesia,Chancery Pavillion,Bangalore

Octobar 12th
BELLA CIAO, Thiruvanmayur, Chennai

October 7th
Praveen gets STONED!!

No… not on Stage…Nor on weed!! After nights of constant back pain, Praveen find’s out he has 3 kidney stones which were HUGE Mother F@#kers. SOLUTION: Piss it out!! Poor fellow really suffered cause he had to have a tube stuffed into his d#ck for 3 whole weeks and was constantly running to the loo. Now that’s painful!!

September 30th
LBG’s 3rd Album on it’s way!!

That’s right!! After 2 successful releases and selling over 1000’s of copies across the world, LBG are presently working on their 3rd record which might be completed by Mid 2008. So far it has been a commitment to themselves and their fans to send out new material ATLEAST every 2 years. So what about the music?? “Unlike the previous 2 albums which were of complete contrast in terms of music & style, the third album promises a mélange of both with a little bit of ‘Zing’ but it’s still in it’s infant stage…Still got a lot of work to do” – Says Aum. Special Prize announced for any one who guesses the Name!! More on this soon!!

August 16th
LBG on SS Music!!

LBG’s Video “Basics of Life” is currently airing at nights on SS music during the English music show form 11pm – 6am. More videos coming soon and hopefully VH1 soon (Still in Talks)!!

July 16th

April 15th
Matchbox Stood –US up!!

After the release of Bad Children MatchBox Studios graciously offered to professionally manage LBG and made a lot of promises to make a difference, but then again this wasn’t the first time people make promises. Anyways… after a few interviews with local radio stations LBG decided to give time for things to escalate, unfortunately they stood them up leaving the management back in the band hands once again. So that was the end of that story incase you guys were wandering… Link to 2006 Story

January 27th,
Republic Day 'Freedom Jam', Pondicherry

After spending 2 months in the studio recording their 2nd Album 'Bad Children' & 2 months of Gigging, The band was quite enjoying the peace and quiet. BUT EVERYONE WAS READY TO ROCK once again when ‘Missing’ Maynard calls and says "Let's Play A SHOW".

LBG get booked by Pondicherry Tourism to perform by the port for 'Freedom Jam'. The Department of Tourism had authorized 6 venues to be used to celebrate republic day with music covering all genres ie: Indian Classical, Jazz & Rock.

It was an outdoor venue, Pretty big stage(when compared to the last venues), so Lots of place to jump and that was something the band had been dying to do for a long time. The other bands opening were Some Death Metal college band and 'Sevened'. The show got delayed due to lack of crowd so only started at 8:00. The first band played some Sepulture, Panthera & some of their own stuff. That’s when whatever crowd that had come, started to leave. So the organizers had to ask them to stop. The next band ‘Sevened’ were smooth covering Steely Dan, Rush, Gary Moore & a couple of their originals. So the crowd started coming back. Next Up was LBG all fired up to play a solid show. The crowd got instantly into the groove as LBG treated Pondy for the third time to Wrong & Revolution from the first album, followed by their 'Bad Children' set. After the 4th song LBG stray away from their set performing the much awaited song 'Money' (again from their first album).

The band was sadly informed that they could only play 2 more songs because it was getting late and the cops were going to shut them down. It was then I saw some one next to get up and go running towards the police. The Band played 2 songs Soma and had planned on ending with 2 Frequencies. It was during the song that the band Got the 'thumbs up' finish the set on one condition (from the Cops) that 'Money' was played again (heh hehe Kick Ass!!). The request was obliged and the Band finished their set, ending with everyone singing till the last chorus!!

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