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December 31st

Bad Children first batch "SOLD OUT"

LBG sell their last record from the first batch to a pretty Italian babe, marking 200 copeis sold form Nov 14th to December 31st. The band thank their Fans & Friends for their overwealming support & more importantly for supporting 'Original Rock Music in India'. A fresh stock has been sent to the burners.

This is *Bad_Child* signing of for 2006. And from LBG and the Crew Here's wishing you a Rocking 2007!!

December 23th
BadLBG & Nervereck 'Casio G Shock Rocks' @ Star Rock, Chennai!!


OBJECTIVE: Retrieve 'Missing' Drummer before SHOWTIME!!
GAME PLAN: Send Speed Demon Praveen to get his A$$ to the show as fast as possible on a Kawasaki 180 through city traffic

SHOWTIME: 21:30 Hours


15:30 - Sound Check
16:30 – Maynard leaves another show with a friends band 30 kms away which finished at 21:00
17:30 - Band returns to MMU to freshen up & warms up for the show.
19:30 - Praveen Sets out on his 'hunt'
20:00 - show starts with 'Nervereck'
20:30 - band Recking their Nerves at the Car Park waiting
21:00 - Drummer Captured and heading to the venue @ 100kmph
21:15 - Organizers ask LBG to start show.

Last Known Destination of Vocalist & Drummer: UNKOWN

21:30 - The Janakiram Brothers step on stage and stall anxiously.
21:40 - May & Praveen coming running onto stage and LBG start the show!!

The show was Rocking and pretty much the same set list as the last 3 shows. Albums Sell out!!

December 16th
LBG 'Casio G Shock Rocks' @ LOR, Bangalore!!

After a week break, LBG were back to 'ROCK' Bangalore AT LOR. LOR a.k.a 'Legends Of Rock' is a three story Rock pub at Koramangala which also had LCD plasma screens (Like 'Le Rock') playing only rock videos. It also had a surveillance camera that showed LBG performing at 2 levels It was the same week-end Deep Purple were performing, so the place was packed!! …The energy really burst out when LBG hit stage with the 'Debated' drumroll of 'We wont fall Down' and played a power packed 1 hour show. Same set list as before only this time they started with 2 songs from their first album namely Wrong & Revolution. Lots of Albums sold, with the fans wanting their autographs( some even hoping to sell for millions in the future!!LOL)

After party at Prathap's Place… It was a typical 'Lotsa Booze & G' party. The women were steaming and the babies were sleeping(well atleast they were trying to)!! heh heh

December 1st
LBG ROX 'Yamaha Roxx' @ Le Rock, Bangalore!!

After showing the video & the album to club owner, Ashish Kothari ( LOR & Le rock) things just got better for the band as they got thier first break to play at Bangalore. Arriving in the morning, the band headed straight for the venue to be amazed by the kind of place it was!!

At Le Rock there are only plasma screens playing DVD rock videos all day(awesome concept!! \m/). The best part was that everyone seemed to know who they were especially the waiters who had seen the 'Basics of Life' video so many times ::lol:: Gig went off fairly well.... few sound hitches, but by mid way through the set, the band really rocked the crowd as it ended with 'Basics of life' followed by the video. The surprising part was when the crowd asked for an encore, that too only prepared with a 11 song set. A request for 'Codiene' from their first album was obliged and the night ended with a Bang!!(heh heh no pun intented)

November 20th
LBG offered professional management

After the ‘Bad Children’ release , LBG were approached by MatchBox Studios, agreeing to professionally manage the band . Shiran, (Former Senior ORP Producer of SS Music) believes that they have what it takes and with the right discipline and enthusiasm, promises to take LBG to the world. Now that's an 'interesting' offer!! keep you posted!!

November 18th
LBG Launch 'Bad Children' @ Distil, Taj Connemara

LBG formally launch 'Bad Children' with a kick ass performance!! only about a 100 people...but considering the place can only accomodate 60 people (so you can imagine how small the stage was)and a 800 buck cover charge(insane!!but the band did demand for ladies to enter free, which was obliged by the hotel) it was quite packed and the crowd were screaming for more . Special Dist'led Editions of the Cd were given away.

They're set was pretty much in the order of the album, which was a nice meld of punk to heavy metal to Rock and even pop!! There was a break where their video 'Basics of Life' premiered, after which they played 5 more songs and finished the set with 'Basics of Life'.

November 17th
BASICS OF LIFE', LBG's first Music video is ready!!

For the release of their second album, They mustered up enough money to produce their first Video ‘Basics of Life’ to promote the album in a revolutionary way. Fully outfitted by the Gatsby Collection, Chennai and Hair dews by 'Bounce Style Lounge'.LBG are on their way to set an image for themselves that really makes them stand out from the rest.

With a 90% complete edit in place, the band plans on taking the video to an online video platform ( Very Costly!!) and complete post productions as per international standards as well as get substantial Air time & support from the Music Channels. Let's keep our fingers crossed

November 14th
LBG Release their second Album 'Bad Children'

That's right,As promised on 'Childrens day', Bad Children is finally out!! Priced at a mere 199 bucks with 11 rocking tracks LBG promises a fresh and heavier sound with a whole bunch of surprises for all it's fans!! So order a copy today!!

September 5th
Listen to their songs on the radio @

LBG's Debut album is actively playing on India's First Online Radio Station dedicated to Independent Rock bands only. LBG salutes them as this will pave the way to new revolution in Indian Rock to reach the masses.

August 26th
Bad Children production has officially begun

LBG are in the studio an have started the recording for the album at Digi Trax. They have scheduled sessions at the studio an tracks should be ready for post production by September end. Unofficial date of release will be mid October, following the major release Mid november.

August 21st
Lead Vox Praveen Ties the Knot!!

It was a day of celebration for Praveen as he tied the knot with his love Pavithra at the Santhome Cathedral. Arjun, who was Best Man got stuck in traffic far away after altering his suit and almost missed the beggining. All band members were present and the evening reception really Rocked!!

July 31st
LBG discovers a small fan club blog on

Way to go Guys!! Log on to and type LBG band in the search section to join the club. LBG were really 'kicked' (in a good way of course) and would like to thank all their fans for the support.

July 23rd
LBG Postpone release date of Bad Children

LBG announce the postponment of their second album in liu of Front man, Praveen's Wedding which will be on the 21st of August. Studio dates have been re-scheduled and will start mid August. look out for further updates.

July 1st
American Independence day Taj Fisherman's Cove, Kovalam

LBG were back at the Cove once again by popular demand, but due to management delays the show which was suppose to start at 7:30 only started by 9:00 and were forced to shut down half way through the set. None the less Free Beer and hot women helped the band drown their "sorrows" ;)

June 24th
Fete de la Musique Alliance Francais, Chennai

This show was really LBG at it's best any one had ever seen. Months of practice for the recording of thier upcoming album "Bad Children" really paid off!! Lots of young, old and foriegn crowd were really enjoying themselves. In the middle of their set there was a request from a fan asking for 'Shannigan'. It was a refreshing change for the band since they had'nt played it for over year. Show was non ticketed and had an overwealming response. The band threw away albums and some one actually came backstage to get Aum's plectrum.

June 17th
Power Rock Alliance Francais, Pondicherry

Lbg re-visit Pondicherry to perform along side Black Earth (bangalore)!! Organised by Soungarden Events, which was the first of their many shows to come. Show started with Black Earth around 7:30 and did a great job pepping the crowd up for the following the next act. LBG got on stage at around 8:30 and had a tough time for the first 5 songs due to technical difficulties and 'slight' intoxication (It was Pondy after all!!). but that was all forgotten after LBG started 'Money' which had the crowd dancing and singing along for the next 7 songs. LBG thanks Joe & Tapan for a show well organised and for their great hospitality.

May 13th
Sad Demise of Avanthi Krishnan (1979 – 2006)

LBG would like to pay their respects to their greatest fan and very dear friend. She will be missed May God bless her soul.

April 28th
“Stand Up & Rock:: Feat. LBG, No Idea & Hunger

The show was simply spectacular!! High energy, superb crowd, Great sound & amazing lighting – The perfect recipe for a rockin show!!

”….LBG really had everyone on their feet and head banging thanks to their individual style and strong melody…LBG had such ‘oomph’ & attitude…” The Hindu

March 28th
MMU Comuncations support the LBG

LBG is now being backed by a professional Advertising Agency in Chennai called “MMU COMMUNICATIONS” which provides assistance in all promotional activities (PR, Hoardings, Poster Design, E-mailers, SMS Messaging, Newspapers Ads)for all our shows. "We believe that it’s not just enough for a band to just come, play and then F@#k off… It’s a joint effort with the organizer to make sure that as many people come and watch the band performing" says Avnith. MMU communications also has an Events Division and is planning on starting a Record Label with the aim to reach music to the masses through all Major Music Stores in India

February 24th

LBG Announce the title for their second record – “BAD CHILDREN”.“We’ve been spending the last couple of months composing and fine tuning the new material” says Praveen. It’s going to be a ‘raunchy’ album with a new sound and the same LBG energy, which have been entertaining crowds at all their shows. ‘Soma’, ‘Bad Children’, ‘Super cat’ are some songs that are going to be testimonial to LBG’s new mature sound. They‘re all set to hit the studio by end June – early July and should be released by September 2006. A couple of videos are definitely on the way. A series of Gigs are being setup all over the country for the launch. So do be sure to check it out!!



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