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December 9th

THE SITDOWN @ Gatsby Village, Chennai

Following the success of their unplugged show at the Taj, LBG treated the crowd at Gatsby Village to spectacular performance. Featuring mostly songs from their upcoming album. The show was far from a sitting down. Rather were dancing all over the place given the sheer enthusiasm of the band. "The Sitdown" is definitley a concept the band is planning to take on the road all over the country in the coming year.

September 14th
LBG LIVE & UNPLUGGED @ Match Point, Taj Coromandel

LBG performed a complete All original 20 song setlist in Match Point @ Taj Coromandel, featuring songs from their debut Album as well as a sneak peak as to what the second album has to offer. The show was a huge success, packing in a full house.

12th August
JRO 2005 @ Unwind Center, Chennai

LBG Perform for the Rockfest JRO 2005 for the third time in a row. It was a Power packed show sharing the stage with Still Water (Sikkim) & WhiteNoize (Bangalore).

9th July
Underground 2005 @ Le Resort, Pondicherry

After the exceptional sale of the Album (TAICTW) Pondicherry had a rocking time, Singing along with all the tunes. ‘Money’, ‘Scarawag’ & ‘Revolution’ were the High lites of the night. The crowd wouldn’t let them get of stage without performing ‘‘Money’ again!! And this time the crowd sang the Full chorus. Was a blast!! Special Thanks to DJ Karma, Prabhu & Arul for the GR8 hospitality.

03rd July
American Independence Day Bash @ Taj Fisherman's Cove, Chennai

It was a special day for the Americans (Pre-Independence Day Bash) at Fisherman's Cove by the beach. The US of A people got a special treat ‘The L.B of G’ Style!!. Hot Babes, Free Beer & Good Food, a Super Combination for a Super Show!!

21st May 2005
Run to the Hills @ The English Club, Kodaikanal

Kodaikannal, a bustling Hill Station (Atleast during Peak Season) saw something they had never seen before!! An Outdoor Show in the freezing cold, 5 guys took stage & blew their minds out!! Kick starting the show with “Wrong” , their feet were tapping throughout the show. That was until the cops came and busted the show!! Apparently the sound was facing in the direction where a very influential Cranky old man lived.So the Show was shutdown ….but people wanted more and started abusing the cops. The organisers then re located to a near by Farm House where the crowd followed and we partied all night!!

23rd April 2005
Madras Underground @ The Equestrian Horse Farm, Covallong

Held at a Farm, with a Gr8 out door space for a show on the East Coast.The show Featured 12 bands from all over in one night. Starting at 11pm with the All girl band “Mantra”. The energy of the crowd was good and it just kept getting better. Tin Leaf, Sound Sleep, Buddha’s Babies & Molotov Cocktail were among the other bands there. LBG performed at about 2 AM. Show was sponsored by Enfield and anyone who had a Bullet got free entry. The best part was when a bout 15 bullets came thundering in to the venue and parked right near the stage. There were people who had ridden down from Bangalore for the show.

25th March
“Rising South Carnival” @Green Medows, Pallavakam, Chennai

In view of the Tsunami, that hit the City on the 25th of December. LBG collaborated with various Venues all over the City for the 3rd of the “Rising South” Carnival for relief Shows. 40% of the proceeds from the Show were to be donated to the people who suffered from the disaster.

The Show was followed by a trance party which had people coming in till 4 A.M. There was also a complementary Breakfast for everyone, but no one stayed for that!! So food worth Rs.10000 + Rs 5000 of raw materials (Rice, Maida, vegetables, Oil etc…) were distributed to the Slum areas, affected by the Tsunami. The Show was a Huge Success and 40% was donated as promised.

18th March
Live Vibe @ YMCA, Royapettah, Chennai

A tribute show to Chennai’s Grand Daddy of Rock ’n’ Roll, Ashok Cherian , Live Vibe was Ashok’s Concept which he had been talking about for years and finally did it before leaving the country. 6 bands performing only originals took stage to enthrall the audience with their originality. “No Covers” was the norm each band had to follow & a Compilation CD of 4 of the bands recordings were sold as the ticket. So everyone who came went back home with the Music they had just listened to. ‘Money’, ‘Codeine’ & ‘everybody wants to feel this way’ from LBG’s Album (TAICTW) were featured on the ‘Live Vibe’ compilation CD.

22nd January
2nd Aniversary Celebration @ Sparks in Savera Hotel, Chennai

LBG collaborated with Savera for the 2nd of our “Rising South” for Relief Show which was primarily supposed to be one big party. We told them that the band was doing ‘relief shows’ & The celebrations for the 2nd Anniversary of Sparks was also in aid of “Tsunami Relief”. We kicked started the show where disco crowd were shakin their legs and dancing around to the tunes of LBG. Praveen, Front man of LBG along with Avnith ( Guitarist) Joined the crowd on the dance floor and danced with some really Hot women. Ofcourse the Marketing Manager was a A**hole and didn’t even offer any help with the moving of the equipment and didn’t let LBG finish their Set.

16th January
‘Rising South’ for Relief @ Sathyam Cineplex, Chennai

Kickstarting a spree of shows in Aid of ‘Tsunami Relief’ which hit the city on the 25th of December, LBG took it up as a responsibility to spread the message through music and raise funds for the people affected by the disaster.

Statement Released by the Band on the Rising South Concept:

‘ In view of the Tsunami, LBG wishes to do its little bit in conjunction with reputed venues as a part of a collective social responsibility effort. LBG hopes to partner with other bands for the other venues and do whatever it can in the true spirit of Rock ‘n Roll.

he concerts are for relief, which does not mean that it is only for tsunami relief but all kinds of relief. LBG being a part of the Chennai populace is aware that though a majority of the population was not directly affected, but everyone has suffered psychologically and emotionally to various extents. The aim of these concerts is also to help heal these scars and to tell people that everyone should be strong and that life has to go on... '

The response was immense and people flocked in to contribute and listen to the Music. The Show was a free Show, but everyone generously donated money in to a donation box which was being passed around during the show. Since it was an open show and was held right in front of the theater, there were people who were buying tickets, waiting for their Movie show , People who had finished watching their movie & people passing by in their vehicles, all stopping to watch the show till the very end. There was a major traffic jam…. But the Cops couldn’t do anything cause the Cineplex was well connected with the government!! And the show Rocked!!

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