Vox 1:Praveen Heinrich
Vox 2 :Arjun Janakiram

You say you love me and I never understand
All these little things
That go on in your mind
You think you have me in the palm of your hand
I’m little smarter than you think I am
You take you’re lovin’
To the medicine man
And you can see if he can fix your head
Can’t have everything
When will you learn
I think its time for you to crash and burn Baby

There were times when I loved
Some one like you
I would reach for the sky
I would cry for the moon
Never let me explain
You made me drown
In this Pain Pain Pain Pain
Girl I think its time for you
To burn again

You give me lovin
Like I never understand
And then you tell me
You’re in love
With another man
You think that everything is just
Flavour Five Fine
I’m sick and tired of you’re little white lies
You strut around like you own the world
Kicked in the face and flat on the floor
Cos you’re so smooth
Can’t have everything babe
When will you learn
I think its time for you
To crash and burn baby


Solo: Avneet Janakiram