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Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass Praveen - Vocals Maynard - Drums Avneet - Guitars 


LBG believe that most bands out here in India really need to promote themselves as there aren’t any music record labels supporting rock bands like in the West. It’s the Bands’ initiative & passion that makes things happen and keeps things going by trying new approaches with sheer enthusiasm. LBG are a serious band and hope to make it internationally one day. ‘BASICS OF LIFE‘ MUSIC VIDEO'

For the release of their second album, They mustered up enough money to produce their first Video ‘Basics of Life’ to promote the album in a revolutionary way.

With a 90% complete edit in place, the band plans on taking the video to an online video platform and complete post productions as per international standards as well as get substantial Air time & support from the Music Channels.

The Rising South

The Rising South is a string of live performances that LBG has been will be organizing in and around Chennai originally started as a part of the band’s tsunami relief and now taking on a higher purpose to promote original music and original bands.

The Rising South concept essentially revolves around the idea of promoting meritorious original music and musicians distributed over South India. In the past a score of promo events had been organized in and around the city of Chennai and the concept is now ready to be taken on board a higher platform.

In keeping with recent trends among musicians and the mass audience represented by the ever increasing fan base for original Indian rock music, the Rising South provides the perfect dais for bringing excellent original music into the foreground and at the same time serve as a distinctive arena for sending out messages to the vast target audience which essentially consists of Indian youth between the ages of 18 and 30.


LBG is being backed by a professional communication agency in Chennai called “MMU COMMUNICATIONS” which provides assistance in all promotional activities (PR, Hoardings, Poster Design, E-mailers, SMS Messaging, Newspapers Ads)for all our shows. We believe that it’s not just enough for a band to just come, play and then F@#k off… It’s a joint effort with the organizer to make sure that as many people come and watch the band performing. MMU communications also has an Events Division and is planning on starting a Record Label with the aim to reach music to the masses through all Major Music Stores in India.

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