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Aum - Guitars Arjun - Bass Praveen - Vocals Maynard - Drums Avneet - Guitars 


LBG have been around since 1996 and started out playing the national college  cultural circuit. In 1999,  they decided that they had had enough of playing other peoples music, so they set out on the road less travelled to become one of the pioneers of performing original music in India.

What is 'Babooskha'?

A Babooshka (Matryoshka) is a Russian nesting doll. A set of Matryoshka dolls consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has in turn another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually six or more.... (source :Google dictionary)

What does Little Babooska's Grind mean?

Like a Little russian nesting doll, LBG stands for the layers of talent that make up the band and their diverse music backgrounds that grind together, thus creating the energetic & thought provoking music.

What is LBG about?

5 Men who create and weave magic- Now after years of extensive hard work, innumerable shows, intense practice sessions, rock hard determination and suffering fools, LBG has reached a point where you just cant not notice. Having released their debut album, "This Animal is called the Wallet" in 2004, the band realized that spreading the music meant spreading the true message.

What LBG thinks sets them apart from other bands:

  • First band from Chennai to have 2 full length albums and one professionally produced video.  
  • Music is very contemporary and international
  • Known for their vibrant and high energy stage performance
  • Ability to work with sponsors and organizers ensuring a successful undertaking
  • Ability to have a sustained presence and known for its ground breaking approach to the promotion of its music despite a nonchalant attitude from “promoters”.
  • Backed by a professional communication agency, MMU Communications
What you can expect at an LBG show?

Lots of high energy tunes complimented by an equally high energy performance. No talk of Satan, or death and destruction, we have enough of that in this world. This is music that has its own character matched by our in-your-face attitude of not perpetuating the lie that original music won’t get you anywhere.

Not playing covers- How we view it and how we overcome this?

LBG understands that this has kept them away from bigger shows and bigger things, "but how long are we going to play other people's songs to prove that we are worthy? Who is the better band - Grateful Dead or Dream Theatre? Whose to judge?" says Arjun

" It just depends on the music you like and since there are not that many recognized “eclectic” rock platforms in the country the journey is that much harder, but the rock audience are becoming more and more open and that gives us the passion to rock on!!" - says Aum

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